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Get into anime: Amnesia


¡Hey nakamas!

Today I have a new review for all of you, I haven’t done one for a long time and I thought it was good to tell you.

I watched this anime last summer and I liked it so much, it’s about parallel worlds as well and I reckon it’s difficult to find the meaning so ask me if you have any doubt.

Fact sheet:

  • Title: Amnesia.

  • Type: Anime.

  • Genre: Romance/Supernatural/Harem/Shojo.

  • Director: Yoshimitsu Ohashi.

  • Studio: Brain’s Base.

  • Others: Visual novel and videogame.

  • Number of episodes: 12 + 1 OVA.



The 1st August morning, a girl wakes up and discovers she doesn’t remember her past anymore: she has amnesia.

In the mean time a boy appears, he’s a spirit called Orion. A bit later, appears another boy who seems similar to her boyfriend and knows nothing about her amnesia.The girls tries to remember everything as possible supported with Orion, however, when she thinks is going to remember, she has an accident and wakes up in another world, with a different boyfriend. This occurs more times and the girl treats to figure out what’s happening and which is the real world to which she belongs to.




  • Heroine:


The main person who has lost all of her memories. She’s a calm girl and doesn’t have too many conversations by comparison with the rest of characters. In fact, she doesn’t know who’s her real boyfriend.

  • Shin


Heroine and Toma’s Childhood friend . He studies hard to pass the test to enter to the college. He likes playing cards and takes part of the athleticism club. You can think his personality is similar to Tsundere because of her mood, in fact he takes care of the heroine though.

  • Ikki


He likes playing dards, pool and ping pong. Ikki’s good at any activity which needs to use his hands. Even thought his popularity with the girls, he’s a loyal and loving person.

  • Toma


Shin and Heroine’s chilhood friend. He likes playing basket, cycling, surfing on the internet, playing games, cooking and reading. According to the story, his personality looks like Yandere. He’s the most polemical character in Japan because of his mood.

  • Kent


His parents raised him with the belief that everything has some sort of logical conclusion, he believes anything can be solved using logic. His interests include devising math puzzles for Ikki and observing things. He’s shrewd and cold, can be very enthusiastic though.

  • Ukyō


A famous photographer with two different personalities. It’s hard to talk about this character without doing any spoiler.

  • Orion


A spirit which came from a completely different world. From the view of humans, he takes the appearance of a twelve-year-old young boy. He wears eccentric clothing. No one can see or hear him but the heroine.


Personal opinion:


The first episode got hoocked me at all, there was something, I don’t know exactly what it was, but it catched me.

In the following episodes, I got a picture of how was the story and thought about those parallel worlds.

The clothing could be kind of weird, it’d be one of the things I didn’t like about it.

I’ve seen others reviews and I found inappropieted that everyone stands by it’s an exclusive anime for girls. From my point of view, I believe everybody can watch it, independent of it’s more pointed to one genre than other.

The music is really good, I have the opening as my phone ringtone. XD

In respect of the characters I’d stand out Toma because of his mistrustful and extremist attitude, I didn’t like it at all.

Generally speaking, the whole story is awsome, and I loved the Heroine had to chose her “favourite”symbol and everything was like a game.

How about you? Which would you rather choose?


Fukui Yukio



Holo. No sé cómo has llegado a los bajos fondos de WordPress para encontrarme. No esperes una biografía tremenda porque nunca he sabido hacer una decentemente. Me gusta terminar animes psicológicos que tienen mundos distópicos y un final abierto. A veces también me replanteo mi existencia. Solo a veces. Los idiomas son mi pasión y me gusta el mochi, ese era un dato que no podía faltar.


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