Get into anime: Noragami

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Today there is a new review!

When I was on Twitter or Instagram I noticed there were a lot of people who were talking about this anime and I have friends who introduced it to me. I didn’t think it was worth it because the story was a bit boring but after three episodes…

It’s actually good so you won’t waste your time watching it, I promise.

It has two seasons but I’m reviewing the first.

Fact Sheet

  • Original run: 5 January 2014, on going.
  • Title: Noragami (ノラガミ)
  • Type: Anime/Manga.
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural.
  • Directed by: Kotaro Tamura.
  • Studio: BONES.
  • Nº of episodes: 12 episodes + 1 OVA.
  • Seasons: 2.

Plot Summary

If you accidentally found an advert for any job, it would be a normal person or Yato, a God who wants to became famous and have a lot of followers.


Although he don’t even have an own shire, he grants people’s wishes to put away and make his dream come true. When a girl called Hiyori saves him of the death, he gets a partner who will stand by him.


First of all, there are three groups:

  • Gods: Have power over Regalias.
  • Shinkis/Regalias: they wipe out Ayakashis.
  • Humans: they can’t watch Ayakashis but Gods, they forget fast about them, though.

Main are three:


He calls himself a God and gets angry when someone tells nobody knows about him. Although, in the past he had an awful notariety, he was called “God of Calamity”, now he works on any job to become famous. He earns 5 yens, that’s what japanese people give when they pray on a shrine. When his first Regalia gives up, he has nowhere to go untill he meets Yukine and Hiyori.



She’s a fifteen-year-student. She is a bit guileless and trust people a lot. She saves Yato of being run down by a car. She loves fighting, she even copies some movements to protect herself. She and Yato don’t see eye to eye but they care about each other.



He’s Yato’s Regalia so shares his feelings and thoughts  with him. At the start he behaves like an average and rebel teeneger. Although Yato is his master, he shows lack of respect to him. His Regalia’s form is a sword.

Sin título.png

Personal opinion

Like I’ve told you before, I didn’t expect too much of this anime although there were many people saying it was so good, because I thought it was the action typical one.

I made up my mind when I realized there were two worlds, the Gods one, where they had to defeat Ayakashis with them Regalias, and the other of the humans in which the ayakashis influence but they can see them.


At the start it could be a bit boring because there’s not a lot of action but it suddenly changes and increases over the fourth episode.

The characters have a difficult past and there are several plot twists.


Regarding to the comedy, there are very funny scenes but not a lot of romance, harly  ever appears one, but tell me your favorite OTP after watching it.


The music is not that good like in other animes, the clothing is nice though, all above the school uniforms and the Gods one.

I should say I haven’t wasted my time watching it and I’ll do the second review as soon as possible. 😄

¡See you! 👋👋👋


Fukui Yukio



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