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Get into anime: Noragami

Hey nakamas!

Remember #EnglishIsNotMyNativeLanguage

When I uploaded this post in Spanish was my friend’s birthday so I leave here the link to her Tumblr: Click here.

Her account is really good and there is nice stuff about anime, memes… 😂

Today there is a new review!

When I was on Twitter or Instagram I noticed there were a lot of people who were talking about this anime and I have friends who introduced it to me. I didn’t think it was worth it because the story was a bit boring but after three episodes…

It’s actually good so you won’t waste your time watching it, I promise.

It has two seasons but I’m reviewing the first.

Fact Sheet

  • Original run: 5 January 2014, on going.
  • Title: Noragami (ノラガミ)
  • Type: Anime/Manga.
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural.
  • Directed by: Kotaro Tamura.
  • Studio: BONES.
  • Nº of episodes: 12 episodes + 1 OVA.
  • Seasons: 2.

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Get into anime: Amnesia


¡Hey nakamas!

Today I have a new review for all of you, I haven’t done one for a long time and I thought it was good to tell you.

I watched this anime last summer and I liked it so much, it’s about parallel worlds as well and I reckon it’s difficult to find the meaning so ask me if you have any doubt.

Fact sheet:

  • Title: Amnesia.

  • Type: Anime.

  • Genre: Romance/Supernatural/Harem/Shojo.

  • Director: Yoshimitsu Ohashi.

  • Studio: Brain’s Base.

  • Others: Visual novel and videogame.

  • Number of episodes: 12 + 1 OVA.

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2016 has promise

Hi Nakamas! 🙋 #EnglishIsNotMyNative

First of all I want wish you a happy New Year!!! 🎊🎊🎊

I know I’m telling this a bit late but that’s because of my laptop, it’s decided to go to a better place and I have to write the posts with one computer which I take half a year just  to do one post. (imagine my situation)

I’ll upload fewer posts even they fix my computer.

If you want we can pressure my technician among all. 😂😂 #okno

With this change of the year I’ve decided to do different things on the blog.

I’ve thought about changing the apperance of it and putting other more intense as I am.


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